My favorite natural remedies

Over the past year I’ve begun using more natural remedies for all the health problems I have.  I would like to share my favorite remedies with you.

HONEY AND CINNAMON WATER:  A friend of mine told me about this concoction when I was trying to lose some weight.  According to him it’s supposed to boost your metabolism and aid in digestion.  Those things are both true.  I’ve found that it also boosts your energy levels, is a great detoxicant and cuts cravings for sweets.

Every morning as part of my routine I mix 2 tablespoons of RAW honey with 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon in a 16 oz bottle.  I shake the bottle vigorously so that the honey dissolves thoroughly in the water.  The cinnamon won’t dissolve.  I drink the concoction as quickly as possible and wash it down with an additional glass of water.  Since starting this regiment I’ve lost about 10 pounds, I also have more energy and consume significantly less processed sugars.

This concoction is also great to consume just prior to a workout or if you are having some intestinal blockage.  When I’m constipated this concoction works better than any medicine you can buy at the pharmacist.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR:  As a result of my high levels of anxiety and copious amounts of alcohol I’ve consumed throughout my life I have a bleeding ulcer.  Sometimes it doesn’t bother me much but other times it causes horrible pains in my stomach and esophagus.  I’ve tried all of the over counter medications and although they work I can tell that it’s working on the symptoms rather than the root problem. 

Recently I was doing some research to find out what I could do to alleviate my stomach problems and I came across the Apple Cider Vinegar remedy.  At first I was appalled.  I have horrible childhood memories of being sunburned and having my mom put apple cider vinegar on my sunburn to take out the heat.  The smell makes me gag, the taste COULD NOT be much different from the smell.  I refused to try this remedy.

One night I woke up after over indulging on chocolate with horrible stomach pains.  I knew I had a bottle of apple cider vinegar in my cupboard but I didn’t have anything else in my home to help with the indigestion.  So I decided to give it a shot.  I mustered up all the courage I could and gulped down 2 tablespoons of vinegar.  Within 5 minutes my stomach was completely better.  I was able to get back to sleep and not have my esophagus burning.

Ever since that night I’ve sworn by this natural remedy.  It’s the best, quickest cure I’ve found for my indigestion.  I’ve tried on several occasions to get others to try it to no avail.  I recently found some apple cider vinegar pills though and convinced one of my massage clients to try them.  I got a message from him later that day saying that his stomach had never felt better. 

MARIJUANA:  I refuse to “validate” my choices but I will explain them.  Although I no longer drink alcohol I do still smoke marijuana.  I’ve found this to be the best, most natural cure for my anxiety.  It also helps with menstrual pains.  It’s also been an extremely effective tool in doing spiritual work.  I think the entire criminalization of marijuana was done as a racist move by our government and think that they are out of their minds in continuing to criminalize the herb. I realize that there is a huge populace which uses marijuana recreationally – I’m one of those, however I also recognize and utilize its medicinal purposes.

LAVENDER:  When my kids were babies I discovered the joys of lavender oil.  I used to mix a little oil in their night-time baths and also had a spray bottle which was a water/lavender oil concoction.  I sprayed their blankets and pillows with the lavender water each night and watched how peacefully they slept because of it.  Since my sobriety I’ve rediscovered this wonderful scent.  Now I burn lavender incense in my home on a regular basis.  The smell fills me with a sense of calm and ease.

CHAMOMILE:  I have a high occurrence of stress, anxiety and restlessness.  I’ve found that chamomile can be a very gentle way of calming my system down.  Generally I will make a large pot of chamomile tea, throwing in a blend of other flavors such as mint or some sweet tasting fruit tea.  After the tea has brewed I remove the bags from the pot and stir in about 1/2 cup of honey.  I allow this to cool and pour it into a gallon container.  I keep the pre-made chamomile tea in my fridge to drink when I’m having an especially hard day.  The bouquet of the chamomile flower mixed with the other ingredients is delicious on the tongue and pleasing to the soul.

I hope that my remedies will help those who need it. Be well!





About Ms Fihaki

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I’m supposed to write about me – who I am as a person and I really don’t see the sense in that considering that when you read my posts you will learn more about me as a person than you would from any 500 word statement I could make. I will however play by the rules – just this once. I’m 36 years young. I consider myself a strong independant and beautiful woman (hey! I wrote about that! Check it out!). I’m single and love it. Just over a year ago I made some serious lifestyle changes which include eliminating alcohol from my diet, being more physically active, eating healthier and daily working on my spirituality. One of the things which has happened as a result of these lifestyle changes is that I’ve gained a level of clarity I never knew was possible. With this clarity comes the realization that my words affect the lives of those around me. I’ve always been much better at writing than at speaking. If I can affect people the way I do from speaking, just imagine the effect I can have with the written word! I had been blogging about my secret life doing sensual massage – but I wasn’t getting a lot of traffic or interraction from that blog. Upon the suggestion of several friends I decided to start this – my public blog. My hope is that this will allow my readers to interact with me, a real live human being and that together we can create a ripple effect of positivity throughout the universe! (yea I dream big – it’s a must!) Anywho – I sincerely hope you enjoy the things I have to say and interractions are welcome and encouraged! Be Well!

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  1. I will try the apple cider vinegar right now as my stomach has been a mess following two surgeries. This might help balance things out. Thanks for the tips.

    • Oh! I’m sorry to hear that! I certainly hope it works for you – I would love a follow up comment after you try it. I swear by the stuff. You can also buy apple cider vinegar tablets at health food stores if the taste is too much for you to…well…stomach! lol!

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