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Falling in Love With You

I can feel the pain seeping into my soul.
The thought of losing you overwhelms me.
That once sturdy head I used to have, it disappears now.

I’m immobile, paralyzed, frozen in place.
Memories that aren’t made yet flood into my mind.
A haze covers my eyes like walking in the dark.

I guess this is what truly falling in love feels like.
It’s funny; I always thought it’d be perfect.
But imperfection is what I love most about us.

I can never be freed from my chains.
You can never heal my awful scars.
All we can do is try and live the way we were meant to.


A Vampire’s Miracle

Silently he arose from his coffin.
He swept across his dungeon to his beloved’s coffin.
There she slept her crimson hair ablaze with life.
Life they could never have.

She stirred to find her gentle lover’s face near hers.
He bent to kiss her on the forehead.
She had no reason to stop him.
As she sat up in her deathbed she felt a slight nudge inside her.

He could tell by her expression that she felt the life inside.
It was just a supposed rumor.
His beautiful undead wife drained a pregnant women’s blood.
And because of this the child’s life was transferred to her.

She smiled up at her sweet husband.
They had always wanted a child, but it could never be.
This child she was carrying was a miracle to her.
A blessing that they didn’t deserve.

A few more days until the child would come he thought.
He would be there by her side at all times.
They grabbed each other’s hand and bowed their heads.
Tonight there would be no risk of getting caught.


Cold darkness enveloped me.

Death’s icy grip pulled me ever closer to the light.
I reminded myself who I am
And resisted the temptation of peace.
I would not die yet.
The others had taken all I had except my will to go on.
I resisted all the goodness that light promised.
That day was not my day to die.
That day I resisted pain and suffering.
My resistance to hate would never break.
That resistance is what saved me.


There is no end to the world’s suffering.
No light at the end of the tunnel.
Fear possesses the soul and heart of men.
That is the cause of war and hate.

If not for fear the world would be in harmony.
If not for our weak minds there would be no murder.

So I say to you now.
Push away your fear and take the chance.
It may be fatal, but you should not fear it.

Do not be cautious and fearful of love.
Embrace it with open arms.
Again I say to push your worries aside.
Live for a day and decide your beliefs then.
And then only then will you realize what the world’s potential is.
What your potential is.


The sunset’s colors were radiant that night.
The trees glowed with renewed life.
Soft, sweet birdsong filled the air.
But none could compare to your beauty.

Your voice was something out of a fairytale.
The birds quieted when they heard you humming.
They knew they could not compete with such perfection.

Even as the sun dipped further behind the mountains,
Your face glowed brighter then any star.
You smooth flawless skin gleamed with joy.

Your beautiful blonde hair sparkled like gold.
Many creatures stood dumbfounded.
Even the fiercest bowed before your grace.

And there I stood with you in my arms.
I kissed your warm cheeks tenderly as you stroked my face.
And there you said, “Forever I will love thou”
And there we stayed until we grew old.
And there we died happier then any other.

The Acrobat

She fell through the air with such grace.
The people stood stunned by her skills.
Their eyes widened as she somersaulted into the water.
This supposed novice held the attention of even the most critical.
She jumped out of the water just as her swing passed by.
She spun once and hooked her ankles onto the fast moving swing.
The judges gasped at such a dangerous feat.
The acrobat doubled up and grabbed the swing with both hands.
She twisted her body a little.
As her legs drop to the ground below she spun like a top.
This amazing person landed softly on the ground in bow.
The crowd went wild!


As the sun sets and the stars shine,
I’ll hold you in my arms.
Tonight will be our night.
Together we will run freely.
Even as the new day starts I will kiss you.
I will pledge my love and devotion to you.
And when we finally sleep,
I will hold and say to you “I love you”

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