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Harness The Energy Of The Full Moon And Make It Work For You!

The full moon is a time of positive opportunity if you use it correctly.  It can increase your positive energy or conversely, it can wreak havoc on your emotions.
Since the full moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy, you must be in a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect. Remember that whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit will be amplified.
If you are angry, you will feel angrier or if you are happy, you will feel happier. During the full moon, the ocean swells and emergency rooms have more patients. The energy is very powerful so it’s important to direct it with positive intention.
Crazy energy as well as loving energy will be intensified. Knowing this is a huge opportunity for your emotional and spiritual growth.
Below are five tips from Feng Shui Your Life for using the energy of the full moon (two days before and two days after) in the most fortuitous way:
1. Refrain from arguing and getting angry. 
The full moon is the time to stay calm, let things go, breathe deeply through difficult moments and forgive others for their mistakes. Seriously, if you can’t let something go and need to communicate it (which I recommend), try to postpone sharing your upset until at least two days after the full moon. Whatever happens at this time is multiplied. It’s like having emotional fertilizer. Keep the energy moving in a happy, uplifting direction at home, work, in the car and in your every day interactions.
2. Think positive thoughts.  
We all know we should think positively as much as possible but during the full moon, you’ll have a wind at your back. Your positive thoughts will be energized and multiplied. Even if you spend five minutes when you wake up and go to sleep thinking about the positive things in your life, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.
For example, you could write a gratitude list or a thank you note to the Universe for all you have. You could look in the mirror and say nice things to yourself. You could take a walk and notice all the beauty around you. Imagine that your positive thoughts are sprinkled with full moon glitter that makes them grow exponentially.
3. Envision your dreams manifesting. 
The full moon is a perfect time to do your manifestation techniques. Spend time imagining your goals and writing them down on paper. It’s also a great time to make a vision or “manifestation board”. To do this, place pictures and words of your goals on a cork or poster board and place it where you can see it every day. Spending time focusing on your dreams during the full moon gives it extra juice!
4. Meditate by yourself or in a group. 
Since the full moon pours down so much energy, meditating during this time creates calm, mindfulness and stillness. You can do it by yourself in a sacred space in your home.
You can also connect with other like-minded friends to meditate in a group. There are many spiritual centers, yoga studios and online groups that come together for a full moon meditation. It’s very powerful to meditate in a group.
5. Send blessings to people in need. 
Since you have the full moon power behind you, send healing energy, forgiveness, pink light and loving-kindness to friends, family, colleagues, and strangers. In addition, send peaceful energy to the places in the world experiencing strife, hardship, poverty and war. It has huge benefits for them and as a bonus, you create loads of good karma.

20 Pain Killers You Can Find In Your Kitchen

While perusing Facebook today I came across a post listing 20 items most people can find in their kitchens to aid with chronic or recurring pain. I’ve decided to post that list for you since, as my readers know I’m all about the natural remedies! Some of these I can personally attest to, such as the cider vinegar, pepermint & cloves. Others I’m definitely going to check out!

Health Foods

Make muscle pain a memory with ginger

When Danish researchers asked achy people to jazz up their diets with ginger, it eased muscle and joint pain, swelling and stiffness for up to 63 percent of them within two months. Experts credit ginger’s potent compounds called gingerols, which prevent the production of pain-triggering hormones. The study-recommended dose: Add at least 1 teaspoon of dried ginger or 2 teaspoons of chopped ginger to meals daily.

Cure a toothache with cloves

Got a toothache and can’t get to the dentist? Gently chewing on a clove can ease tooth pain and gum inflammation for two hours straight. A natural compound in cloves called eugenol, a powerful, natural anesthetic. Bonus: Sprinkling a ¼ teaspoon of ground cloves on meals daily may also protect your ticker. This simple action helps stabilize blood sugar, plus dampen production of artery-clogging cholesterol in as little as three weeks.

Heal heartburn with cider vinegar

Sip 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water before every meal, and you could shut down painful bouts of heartburn in as little as 24 hours. Cider vinegar is rich in malic and tartaric acids, powerful digestive aids that speed the breakdown of fats and proteins so your stomach can empty quickly, before food washes up into the esophagus, triggering heartburn pain.

Erase earaches with garlic

Painful ear infections drive millions of Americans to doctors’ offices every year. To cure one fast, just place two drops of warm garlic oil into your aching ear twice daily for five days. This simple treatment can clear up ear infections faster than prescription meds. Garlic’s active ingredients (germanium, selenium, and sulfur compounds) are naturally toxic to dozens of different pain-causing bacteria. To whip up your own garlic oil gently simmer three cloves of crushed garlic in a half a cup of extra virgin olive oil for two minutes, strain, then refrigerate for up to two weeks. For an optimal experience, warm this mix slightly before using so the liquid will feel soothing in your ear canal.

Chase away joint and headache pain with cherries

If you’re struggling with arthritis, gout or chronic headaches, a daily bowl of cherries could ease your ache. Anthocyanins, the compounds that give cherries their brilliant red color, are an anti-inflammatory 10 times stronger than ibuprofen and aspirin.

Fight tummy troubles with fish

If your belly always seems to be in an uproar, try munching 18 ounces of fish weekly to ease your misery. Repeated studies show that the fatty acids in fish, called EPA and DHA, can significantly reduce intestinal inflammation, cramping and belly pain and, in some cases, provide as much relief as corticosteroids and other prescription meds. For the best results, look for salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, trout and herring.

Prevent PMS with yogurt

Up to 80 percent of women will struggle with premenstrual syndrome and its uncomfortable symptoms, report Yale researchers. The reason: Their nervous systems are sensitive to the ups and downs in estrogen and progesterone that occur naturally every month. But snacking on 2 cups of yogurt a day can slash these symptoms by 48 percent, say researchers at New York’s Columbia University. “Yogurt is rich in calcium, a mineral that naturally calms the nervous system, preventing painful symptoms even when hormones are in flux,” explains Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., a professor of gynecology at Yale University.

Tame chronic pain with turmeric

Studies show turmeric, a popular East Indian spice, is actually three times more effective at easing pain than aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen, plus it can help relieve chronic pain for 50 percent of people struggling with arthritis and even fibromyalgia, according to Cornell researchers. That’s because turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, naturally shuts down cyclooxygenase 2, an enzyme that churns out a stream of pain-producing hormones, explains nutrition researcher Julian Whitaker, M.D. and author of the book, Reversing Diabetes. The study-recommended dose: Sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of this spice daily onto any rice, poultry, meat or vegetable dish.

End endometrial pain with oats

The ticket to soothing endometriosis pain could be a daily bowl of oatmeal. Endometriosis occurs when little bits of the uterine lining detach and grow outside of the uterus. Experts say these migrating cells can turn menstruation into a misery, causing so much inflammation that they trigger severe cramping during your period, plus a heavy ache that drags on all month long. Fortunately, scientists say opting for a diet rich in oats can help reduce endometrial pain for up to 60 percent of women within six months. That’s because oats don’t contain gluten, a trouble-making protein that triggers inflammation in many women, making endometriosis difficult to bear, explains Peter Green, M.D., professor of medicine at Colombia University.

Soothe foot pain with salt

Experts say at least six million Americans develop painful ingrown toenails each year. But regularly soaking ingrown nails in warm salt water baths can cure these painful infections within four days, say scientists at California’s Stanford University. The salt in the mix naturally nixes inflammation, plus its anti-bacterial, so it quickly destroys the germs that cause swelling and pain. Just mix 1 teaspoon of salt into each cup of water, heat to the warmest temperature that you can comfortably stand, and then soak the affected foot area for 20 minutes twice daily, until your infection subsides.

Prevent digestive upsets with pineapple

Got gas? One cup of fresh pineapple daily can cut painful bloating. That’s because pineapple is naturally packed with proteolytic enzymes, digestive aids that help speed the breakdown of pain-causing proteins in the stomach and small intestine.

Relax painful muscles with peppermint

Suffering from tight, sore muscles? What to do? Three times each week, soak in a warm tub scented with 10 drops of peppermint oil. The warm water will relax your muscles, while the peppermint oil will naturally soothe your nerves — a combo that can ease muscle cramping 25 percent more effectively than over-the-counter painkillers, and cut the frequency of future flare-ups in half.

Give your back some TLC with grapes

Got an achy back? Grapes could be the ticket to a speedy recovery. Recent studies at Ohio State University suggest eating a heaping cup of grapes daily can relax tight blood vessels, significantly improving blood flow to damaged back tissues (and often within three hours of enjoying the first bowl). That’s great news because your back’s vertebrae and shock-absorbing discs are completely dependent on nearby blood vessels to bring them healing nutrients and oxygen, so improving blood flow is essential for healing damaged back tissue, says Stengler.

Wash away pain injuries with water

Whether it’s your feet, your knees or your shoulders that are throbbing, experts at New York’s Manhattan College, say you could kick-start your recovery in one week just by drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Why? Experts say water dilutes, and then helps flush out, histamine, a pain-triggering compound produced by injured tissues. “Plus water is a key building block of the cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones, your joints’ lubricating fluid, and the soft discs in your spine,” adds Susan M. Kleiner, Ph.D., author of the book, The Good Mood Diet. “And when these tissues are well-hydrated, they can move and glide over each other without causing pain.” One caveat: Be sure to measure your drinking glasses to find out how large they really are before you start sipping, she says. Today’s juice glasses often hold more than 12 ounces, which means five servings could be enough to meet your daily goal.

Heal sinus problems with horseradish

Latest studies show sinusitis is the nation’s number one chronic health problem. And this condition doesn’t just spur congestion and facial pain; it also makes sufferers six times more likely to feel achy all-over. Horseradish to the rescue! According to German researchers, this eye-watering condiment naturally revs up blood flow to the sinus cavities, helping to open and drain clogged sinuses and heal sinus infections more quickly than decongestant sprays do. The study-recommended dose: One teaspoon twice daily (either on its own, or used as a sandwich or meat topping) until symptoms clear.

Beat bladder infections with blueberries

Eating 1 cup of blueberries daily, whether you opt for them fresh, frozen or in juice form, can cut your risk of a urinary tract infection (UTIs). That’s because blueberries are loaded with tannins, plant compounds that wrap around problem-causing bacteria in the bladder, so they can’t get a toehold and create an infection.

Heal mouth sores with honey

Dab painful canker and cold sores with unpasteurized honey four times daily until these skin woes disappear. Raw honey’s natural enzymes zap inflammation, destroy invading viruses and speed the healing of damaged tissues.

Fight breast pain with flax

In one recent study, adding 3 tablespoons of ground flax to their daily diet eased breast soreness for one in three women within 12 weeks. Scientist’s credit flax’s phytoestrogens, natural plant compounds that prevent the estrogen spikes that can trigger breast pain. Just sprinkle ground flax on oatmeal, yogurt or applesauce, or add it to smoothies and veggie dips.

Cure migraines with coffee

Are you prone to migraines? Try muscling-up your painkiller with a coffee chaser. Whatever over-the-counter pain med you prefer, researchers at the National Headache Foundation say washing it down with a strong 12- ounce cup of coffee will boost the effectiveness of your medication by 40 percent or more. Experts say caffeine stimulates the stomach lining to absorb painkillers more quickly and more effectively.

Tame leg cramps with tomato juice

At least one in five people regularly struggle with leg cramps. The culprit is a potassium deficiency, which occur when this mineral is flushed out by diuretics, caffeinated beverages or heavy perspiration during exercise. But sip 10 ounces of potassium-rich tomato juice daily and you’ll not only speed your recovery, you’ll reduce your risk of painful cramp flare-ups in as little as 10 days.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

When I was growing up, I was made fun of a lot.  I had super curly hair, thick thighs, big hips, small boobs, a gap tooth…the list goes on and on.  For years I’ve struggled with self-image issues because of how I allowed others to make me feel.

I’ve come to understand that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and I behold myself to be beautiful.  As I’ve changed my self-image, believe it or not, my appearance has changed.  I am told on a daily basis (and not just by friends and family) what a beautiful person I am.  I turn heads when I walk down the street (although that could be because I’m singing at the top of my lungs I suppose).

When I look in the mirror I no longer see the ugly duckling of my childhood.  I see my true and beautiful self.  The beauty of my soul is reflected in the beauty of my face.

We are all beautiful.  Find your inner beauty today.

Real Beauty Sketches

Maintaining Thyroid Health on My Own Terms

Ten years ago I was disgusted with my body image.  I weighed more than I ever had in my life and nothing seemed to work to loose the weight.  I went to the doctor for help and found that I have Hypothyroidism.  At the time I weighed 230 pounds and on my tiny 5 foot tall frame, I was bigger around than I was tall.  I was tired all the time, my depression was raging, I was in pain constantly, I was miserable.  I found that all of these things were related to my thyroid not functioning well.  I was put on medication and the weight started melting away.  I stayed on the medication for about 4 years.  The weight disappeared, but I had started loosing my hair because of the medication and my depression and pain did not dissipate.

Six years ago I moved out of state, lost my insurance and was no longer able to get the medication necessary to maintain my thyroid function.  At that point I started walking everywhere I went, and began slowly changing my diet to include more healthy foods.  With this work I was still able to maintain the weight I’d reached and my depression and pain began to lessen.  The last time my thyroid was tested my levels were just under borderline so there was no need to go back on medication.  I wouldn’t have even if it had been suggested to me, since I felt I was maintaining health via my own means.

I was however unable to repair the hair loss I’d suffered from the years of medication.  I didn’t want to use any of the Rogaine type products because they require continued use for the rest of your life, and because I have naturally thick and curly hair, the loss was really only noticeable to me, so I just lived with it.  Two years ago I was introduced to the joys of Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil as a replacement for lotion and baby oil, which I’d been using on my skin and in my hair.

I loved the results of the oil.  My skin was healthy, silky soft and my hair began to look better than it ever has.  I’ve been using coconut oil religiously ever since and a most amazing thing has happened.  I have new hair growth.  Every day when I look in the mirror and see small curly cues of hair popping up everywhere on my head I just smile.  I’ve maintained the same weight for the past several years.  I no longer suffer from debilitating depression and pain, and my hair is luxurious and healthy.  With the use of exercise, eating right, meditation and coconut oil all symptoms of my thyroid disorder have disappeared.

I guess it just goes to show that this planet provides naturally for us everything that we need to be healthy and happy individuals.  Medications are not always necessary to treat problems that we have with our internal systems.

My Ever-Changing World

Last night I had a conversation with my sister about my intent to have my children back.  It was a difficult conversation and mostly one sided.  I allowed her the opportunity to say how she feels about this decision and did my best to not get defensive.  I have to admit; it was really difficult to hear that she has a long held resentment toward me.  It was difficult to hear her broken heart at the thought of loosing “her family”.  The conversation didn’t end well.  I know that this decision is going to cause difficulties in my relationship with her as well as other family members.

BUT – The fact remains that these are my children.  I have a unique love for them that only a mother can have.  I know my sister will realize this as her own little bundle of joy grows and matures.

My life is so different now than it was 6 years ago when my children went to live with my sister.  I’m sober and mostly sane.  I’ve worked tirelessly to get myself happy so that I could be a mom that my children can be proud of, so that I can repair some of the damage I’ve caused by my poor choices in life.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.  And this is mine.

So – My amazing BABYASS will be coming to live here in June.  For now it will just be my oldest daughter.  I feel like she is at a point in her life where she needs some one on one attention, she needs a more diverse community to live in, and she needs her mom.  Between now and next June I will continue having the other two kids come for regular visits so that we can all get to know each other better.  In June of next year we will put the choice to the other two kids as to who they want to live with.  They are all old enough to make that decision on their own and I am willing to trust their judgment on this matter.

I believe that with time, resentment and anger will fade.  I hope that my sister can see that everything I’ve done with regards to my children has been out of love for them.  And I hope that with this change she will have the opportunity to focus on her new little family and be the best mom I know she can be.

Here’s to positive changes and moving forward in growth.

Creation Is A Beautiful Thing

About four years ago I was working night audit at a hotel in downtown Seattle.  I lived in a microscopic studio apartment.  My only belongings were a fish tank, a TV, clothes and some dishes.  I was in a miserable relationship.  I was a drunk.  I was on the run from all the bad things I’ve done in my life.  Oh, I thought I was happy.  But we all know I wasn’t   It was at this time a friend of mine, gave me a book called “The Secret”.  I had never heard of the book or the movie at the time.  He didn’t tell me a lot about the book, just said that I should read it.  I took it home and started reading.  What I learned was the IDEA of the laws of attraction and that I could put them to work in my life.

That night I envisioned myself working as a property manager, living on the property and enjoying my job and life.  Being an impatient person, I was put off by the fact that this didn’t have immediate effects, and so I stopped working on attracting those positive things into my life.  But the IDEA was still there, percolating.  I started expanding on it and one night, after a drunken brawl I had an AHA moment, a moment of clarity.  I knew with every essence of my being that only I could control my life and the things I brought into it.  So, I took control and started creating my life.

Tonight I sit in my beautiful three-bedroom home.  I’ve put in an honest day’s work, helping my community through my actions, networking with others who also do good works.  I’m content.  More than that – I’m happy with the world that I’ve created.  And I’m excited as I reflect on the enormity of what I’ve done, I’m excited about what else I can now do.  My world is evolving every day based on what I create.  And creation is a beautiful thing.

Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care

I have not been to a doctor for a regular check up for nearly 7 years.  Mainly that was because I didn’t have insurance, but partly it was because I’ve lost faith in Modern Medicine’s approach to “healthcare”.  Rather than going to the doctor for regular check ups, I’ve changed my eating habits, become more physically active and found natural alternatives to treat what ails me.  I feel more healthy than I have in a very long time because of these lifestyle changes and have had a lot of success with my natural treatments.

Now that I finally have insurance again I decided that I wanted to continue on this more natural path for healthcare and was absolutely exstatic to find that my insurance covered Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture and Chiropractic care.  I was even more excited when I found a group of providers all located in the same office.  I promptly made an appointment and anxiously awaited my intake day.

Today was that day.  The Doctor was friendly with a gentle bedside manner.  I was comfortable discussing my lifestyle and health concerns with her and she was very good about explaining everything that she was thinking about or looking at with regards to my healthcare.  She listened thoroughly to all of my concerns and asked pertinent questions so that she could get a feel of where to direct my treatment.

At the end of the visit, I feel good about continuing to see her.  I have to go get some things looked at outside of her realm of experience – but she intends to consult and guide me through those processes.  My biggest concern was my stomach issues.  She prescribed a supplement which contains Banana, Licorice Root, Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm Bark.  These ingredients are supposed to heal my stomach and esophagus.  I’m about to pray to the Google Gods to find out the benefits and drawbacks of each ingredient and how they work together.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Mistakes!

In light of the mistake in judgement I made recently…I choose to learn and grow from this experience, and to share the things I learn with those who will listen.


3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Mistakes!.

What exactly is FEAR?

I love this.  Make a choice.  I choose to Face Everything And Rise!


What exactly is FEAR?.

Life’s Hard Lessons

I’m a very stubborn young lady and don’t tend to learn lessons very easily.  As a result of this, it seems as though the lessons the universe sees fit to bestow upon me are generally quite harsh and difficult lessons.  Today was a prime example of what I’m talking about.

I’ve been seeing someone for a couple of months.  He’s been staying with me because he lost his housing and being the big softie I am I wanted to help him out.  I’ve been a little dissatisfied with the relationship and was planning on talking to him about it this week in an effort to gain more satisfaction.  In spite of my dissatisfaction, I’ve not had any reason to mistrust him…until now.

Last night after hours of fighting with the airlines and credit card company I had a billing issue resolved which resulted in a large sum of money becoming available on my pre-paid credit card.  I was so frustrated with the credit card company that I planned to withdraw all the money from the card and close out my account.  The problem with this is that there is a maximum daily withdrawal limit of $400.  So I took the maximum out that I could and my partner offered to go to the ATM for me after midnight to take out an additional $400.  I left him my card and the pin number then went to bed.

Around 12:30 am, as I was starting to drift off, he came and told me he was leaving and would be back soon.  I fell asleep before he was out the door.  When I woke up this morning I found that my cash and card were gone.  He’d left all his belongings there, and left the TV on, but was no where to be found.  I tried calling him in a panic, but he didn’t answer.  I tried texting and emailing him, again with no response.  I went online to check the balance and transaction history of my card and discovered that he’d been all over the city withdrawing money, emptying my card.  There was only $14 left on it.  I sent him a scathing text message and called the police to report a theft.

Several hours later I received a text message from him stating that he had a gambling problem.  This was news to me.  He told me he’d gone to the casino to try and double the money, but had lost it all.  He’d been so ashamed at that point that he didn’t come home.  He apologized profusely and begged my forgiveness.  For something of this nature, my forgiveness is not going to be forthcoming.

The lesson I’ve learned from this situation:  My home is associated with my job for the first time in my life.  Allowing someone I don’t know very well into my home could jeopardize my job and my apartment.  This situation could have been much worse.  I could have lost my money, job and home all in one fell swoop if he had gotten into my office or any of my job related spaces.

I’ve worked very hard to get where I am.  I’ve got a lot of good things going for me in my life right now, but I need to think twice about who I welcome into this good life of mine.  I’ve also recognized a pattern of choosing the same type of man over and over again.  These are all very serious things for me to realize and consider.

From this point forward I am going to focus on my awesome job, my awesome home, and getting to know my awesome children better.  I don’t need more than that, and don’t have the time or energy to spend on anyone who would take away from those things.   This was a hard learned lesson, a hard decision to have forced upon me, but I’m grateful for it none the less because I HAVE learned and will take this new-found knowledge and use it to further improve myself and my life.

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