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Love of a Lifetime?

Summer 1995 small town USA the cement is already getting hot under her feet as she strolls outside for her morning cigarette.  She sits on the driveway soaking up the warmth waiting for her two best friends to show up as they always do.  Her curls waft in the breeze and she wonders what adventures this day will hold.


Sarah is the leader of the pack, a petite 19 year old that refuses to conform to the ideals of her society.  She exudes a sultry sexuality not usually found in one so young.  She’s known as the neighborhood whore – because all of her friends are boys a few years younger than her.


Daniel is a shy abused young man who was drawn to Sara’s light from their first meeting as young children – Sarah the mouthy little brat, Daniel the sad withdrawn child.  Sarah’s views on life and the world have opened Daniel up like he never thought possible.  Because of their friendship he was able to get away from his abuser and begin healing his wounds.


Kirk is the gorgeous and knows it.  As an only child of a single mom, he is doted on and spoiled like most children in this town are not.  He could have any girl he wanted but chooses none; he is instead the third part of the trifecta.


These three are always together, the three stooges, best of friends.  There is an underlying problem here.  Daniel is realizing his sexual orientation toward other boys because of a growing infatuation he has with Kirk.  Sarah is also infatuated with Kirk.  She fantasizes about the playground his body would be under her hands and tongue.  Kirk is oblivious to both of these facets to his friendships.


This day is no different than any other day.  The three friends decide to go cruising on the dirt road.  Sarah is the only one with a car and revels in driving them through all of their adventures.  Daniel decides last minute that he wants to try something new and exciting.  He climbs into the trunk right before they take off and holds on for dear life.  The dirt road is a 2 mile strip downhill with two railroad tracks for jumping.  Sarah always pushes the limits on the road burying the needle and flying over the tracks. As they pull back into the driveway Kirk and Sarah are laughing hysterically at the screams coming from the trunk.  When the sunlight hits Daniel’s excited face in the dark trunk he grins up at his friends and screams “LETS DO IT AGAIN!” Sarah is more than happy to oblige.


Late that night they are parked on the street, Sarah sharing her cigarettes with the boys.  Daniel should have been home long ago. The friends all know his mom, Massive Marie will be furious if she finds him with us, so they are on a constant lookout for her.  Daniel sits in the back seat flicking a lighter off and on.  Sarah aroused by the adrenaline from the day decides it’s time to let Kirk know she’s interested in being more than friends.  He is defenseless against her attack and they begin making out across the e-brake.  Daniel is green with envy and moves his flame to Sarah’s hair, burning off one of her curls.  She screeches with rage and they all dissolve into laughter. Sarah could never be angry with Daniel because she knows how he feels.


Minutes later Massive Marie pulls up behind them.  The boys panic!  Sarah orders Daniel to lie down on the floor in the back as she gets out of the car.  She walks toward Marie’s truck her heart fluttering and she puts on her game face.  She tells Marie that she’s just hanging out with Kirk and has no idea where Daniel is, but if she sees him, she will let him know that he needs to get home ASAP.  Marie knows Sarah is lying to but seeing Sarah will not bend in her story she drives away.  Sarah saunters back to the car smug in her assumed superiority.


She insists that Daniel go home so that she doesn’t have the wrath of Massive Marie on her tail.  Kirk is still in a cloud from Sarah’s advances and decides it’s best if he go home as well since he and Daniel live next door to each other. Walking away the boy’s chatter and laughter drift down the street. Sarah sighs and decides she will have to try again another time.  She smokes one more cigarette then heads off to tickle her nub and release her pent up passions.


A few days later there is a party at Kirks house.  His mom is out of town for the weekend and the kids decide to really live it up.  They down the beer in the fridge and smoke pack after pack of cigarettes.  They watch old movies and listen to music, singing along and to each other.  A favorite song comes on and they can be heard throughout the neighborhood bellowing the lyrics with gusto.  Drunk on beer and high on life Daniel eventually decides to sneak home so that he won’t get found out.  Sarah has no curfew and no intentions of leaving.


She follows Kirk to his darkened bedroom.  The warmed waterbed awaits them.  As soon as their bodies hit the sheets Sarah is pulling Kirk’s boxers off.  She bends low and takes him into her mouth.  Even now she has an innate knowledge of how to bring immense pleasure.  She knows that Kirk is a virgin and has always fantasized about being someone’s first.  He penetrates her and their passion burns hot ending quickly.  They fall asleep in each other’s arms contented at last.  Before the sun rises Sarah awakes and realizes what she’s done.  She knows that their friendship will never be the same and mourns that loss.  She quietly climbs out of bed unwilling to disturb the naked sleeping deliciousness that is Kirk.


Fast-forward 20 years.  Life has happened for all three of the friends.  Sarah marries and divorces several times, has children and losses them.  Daniel moves to the west coast to embrace his lifestyle choices.  Kirk moves to another small town out of the state, marries has a child and divorces.  All have grown in their own ways and had their own adventures and mishaps.  Sarah and Daniel have kept in touch sporadically throughout the years.  A few years back Daniel moved Sarah to his city during a desperate time in her life providing her a chance for a new start when no one else could help her.  Both have done well for themselves but their different lifestyles don’t allow them to spend a lot of time with each other.  One day after not talking for several months Daniel calls Sarah and tells her that he just got off the phone with Kirk.  Kirk lives only three hours away from the other two and plans are made for a reunion.


The reunion is all they imagined it would be.  Reminiscing, telling of their adventures.  Kirk tells his friends he’s spent the past several years trying to track them down.  Sarah lives a very private almost reclusive life, making her virtually untraceable.  Daniel a semi-public figure is much easier to find which is why he was contacted first.  Daniel hosts at his home in the country and the three spend a weekend together.  Sarah and Kirk banter and she teases him about being his first for several things.


At the end of the first night they all go to their rooms.  As Sarah tries to fall asleep she entertains ideas of trying to rekindle that fire with Kirk but decides against it, valuing the friendship over any passion that may still be smoldering.  In the other room Kirk waits and waits for Sarah to come join him but falls asleep and wakes up alone.  Each makes up their mind that the other holds interest in only friendship so no further overtures are made throughout the weekend, an easy comfort among the three friends.


Months pass and the friends talk occasionally but are unable to get together because of varying circumstances.  Kirk calls Sarah several times with no response.  He knows that Sarah is very busy in a new career and is certain she will call when she can.  He also knows that she’s now living with a man, which makes her more unavailable.  Relaxing after a magically karmic day Sarah decides to call Kirk and catch up on current events.  They chat for a while and make plans to get together in the next couple of months.  Sarah tells Kirk she’ll be moving – alone – soon.  He teases about moving in with her and she chuckles saying she might consider it.  Kirk needs to get off the phone to call another friend back and they say their goodbyes.


Reflecting on her magical day Sarah sings along to her music as she travels home from work.  A message comes through on her phone and she gasps grinning from ear to ear.  Kirk has asked her if he can take her out on a real date – expresses a longstanding interest in her and asks if she would give him a chance.  Sarah gives a resounding YES!  But explains that she is in the process of ending her relationship and wants to be fair to everyone.  Kirk is understanding and accepting of this, he’s waited this long – what are another couple of months?  Kirk knows Sarah has had a rough life and tells her he wants nothing more than to show her how a woman should REALLY be treated.


Sarah is still worried about hurting a friendship that she values deeply but is open to and excited about the possibilities of what may blossom here.  She flicks her bean while sharing dirty pictures with Kirk.  Cyber kisses are exchanged and as she drifts off to sleep Sarah meditates and practices the laws of attraction to bring love and positivity into her life – thrilled about what the future may hold.




David’s Dread of Dreary Deadlines

As the alarm clock sounds David opens his eyes, and groans at the thought of the day ahead of him.  David works at a dead-end job for a small telecom company, which is on any given day, a microcosm of Hell.  But this particular day is All Hallows Eve, the last day of the month and therefore the busiest.  With trepidation David steps gingerly on to the wood floor of his man cave.  He hurriedly showers and dresses – the loathing in his gut growing stronger with each passing moment.  As he steps out into the street David is drenched in a frozen blast of rain.  The dark months have begun in this sleepy Northwestern town.  David knows that he will see no sunshine for endless months and shakes his head in sorrow. Trudging through the rain and the wind, he makes his way to work, his feet growing heavier with each step.

When David nears the office he can hear that the Banshee is in rare form this morning.  Her screeches echo down the dark street.  Chills course through his body and the loathing in his gut turns to bile in his throat.  He knows what he is walking into – the Banshee screaming from her den – then smiling in your face trying to beguile you into her jaws.  Closer now, David can see that the Ice King and his wife are in the office, a rare workday in their life of leisure.  David’s loathing turns into pure hatred.  He realizes he will spend the day frozen solid while the Ice King enjoys the cold dark air.

He slips quietly into the office and heads straight to the kitchen.  At least he will have as much hot coffee as he wants today.  The Ice King likes to ensure that his employees are working at their maximum speed and so provides unlimited beverages.  As usual no one else has bothered to make coffee this morning.  David doesn’t mind – the task keeps him from his desk a little longer. As he’s putting the finishing touches on his drink, Tigger bounces into the kitchen.  With his caffeine induced façade of perpetual excitement Tigger asks how David’s morning is going.  Always the diplomat David responds appropriately and hurries to his desk.

The Banshee is still screeching from behind the door of her den.  David’s desk is right outside the banshee’s door so he has the pleasure of hearing everything she is saying.  He knows to keep his head down and his mouth shut in order to avoid her wrath.  He quietly sits down and begins his day.  Eventually the Banshee stops screeching and opens her door.  Dressed in black and gold, she is a sight to behold.  David has never seen her so adorned and wonders what the special occasion is.

The Banshee turns her gaze on David and lilts, “Oh David, can you come see The Ice King, Tigger and I in the conference room?  We have something we would like to discuss with you.”  The sensation of a million baby spiders crawls from his scalp to his toes and he shudders in fear and anticipation.  Has it finally come?  Are they really going to release him from his servitude?  David gathers his pen and notepad and hurries into the conference room.  

When he enters the room it’s as though he’s stepped into a glacial cave.  Darkness shrouds his vision.  Moisture condenses on his eyelashes and the chill cuts through to his bones.  As his eyes adjust to the dim candlelight, he sees The Ice King and his bride at the head of the room.  Black robes waft around them in the breeze.  To the right is Tigger, on one knee bowing his head, to the left the Banshee in the same position.  There are sconces with candles lining the walls and some type of altar in front of the Ice King.  There is a red velvet cloth covering the altar and a skull shaped bowl with something steaming inside it.  Next to the skull is a golden goblet.

“COME FORWARD” The icy blast from the mouth of the King nearly knocks him over and he stumbles as he moves to the front of the room.  The Banshee and Tigger turn their gaze to him and in unison pronounce “He is ready my king”.  The horrified David barely notices them speak too enthralled by the items on the altar. He can now see that there is a heart pulsating inside the skull, and the goblet is filled with some dark liquid next to it.  The stench of blood and death creeps up his nostrils like tendrils on a vine.  His legs have turned to jello and he struggles to stay upright.

“David Langston Willingham, we have learned of the Twin you hide within you.  It was for the Twin that we brought you into our fold.  It is for the Twin that we have fed and nurtured the darkness within you.  It is for the Twin that we now initiate you as a full citizen of our kingdom.” David’s eyes remain plastered to the pulsating heart, his mind racing – “HOW?”

The Ice King continues, “David Langston Willingham, take this chalice and drink.  With this blood the Twin within you will finally awaken.”  David can see that he has no escape from this warren of demons and so drinks from the cup.  The pungent taste of iron fills his mouth and throat, the warmth causing him to gag.  He finishes the cup and puts it back on the altar.  He knows what will be next and that there will be no stopping his twin if the demons succeed.

“David Langston Willingham, take this heart and consume it.  With this heart the Twin will have life of his own, the freedom to move about and do my bidding.”  The small orb of white within David’s soul chuckles at this.  Finally he has found his advantage – the Ice King underestimates the power of the Twin.  He grabs the heart and forces the entire thing into his mouth, chewing furiously, but not allowing anything to seep down his throat.  When he’s finished there is nothing but a bloody mush filling every crevice of his mouth.  He simulates a swallow and drops to his knees.  He knows he must time this just perfectly in order to escape intact.

He starts shaking and the Ice King grins down at him, the blackness of his soul streaming out through his teeth as he laughs.  “At last!  The Twin will be mine to control!”  At that instant David looks directly into the Ice Kings eyes and hurls the bloody mush out of his mouth and into the Ice Kings.  The Ice King chokes and gags on the pulp of the heart as the mush slides down his throat.  David jumps to his feet and grabs the Ice King’s jaw forcing it closed so the king has no choice but to swallow the heart.  

The Banshee, Tigger and the Queen are as statues, unable to move from the shock of David’s actions.  The Ice King begins to shake as the heart begins to flow through his body.  One by one the pores on the king’s body burst into light until he is consumed.  His head falls back and his eyes roll inside their sockets.  The light is so bright that it fills the room, blinding all but David.  He’s been through this before – this isn’t the first time someone has tried to steal his Twin.  

The light emanating from the Ice King is hot, warming David through and through.  As he watches the Ice King begins melting like a snowman on a warm day.  The other three demons are cowering on the ground hiding their eyes from the light, trying to get away from the heat.  David laughs.  He knows it will be over for them soon as well.  When there’s nothing left of the Ice King but a puddle the light finally fades and dies.  David blinks to adjust his eyes to the darkness again.

The Queen is the first to stir.  She lifts her head and gazes at David.  All the darkness has gone from her soul and the beautiful maid is left wondering where she is and what has happened.  David grasps her arm and guides her to the kitchen where he gives her a warm cup of coffee.  He hurries back to the conference room and does the same for the now docile Banshee.  Tigger is the last to arise.  No longer bouncy and full of energy he walks somberly out of the conference room.  No coffee for Tigger.  He never wants to see another cup again.

The three former demons gather their wits and head to their homes.  They have all been enslaved by the Ice King for years and are anxious to regain their lost lives.  After everyone has left David puts out the candles and turns off all of the equipment.  As he shuts the door to the office one last time, he’s grateful that his servitude has come to an end.  While making the long journey home David contemplates what he will do now for work.  Likely another hell hole like the one he just left.  Such is life.

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